Sitemap - 2023 - Circle Back

bicoastal in brooklyn for the holidays YEAH YOU HEARD ME RIGHT

mom! Joe Biden vetoed the ceasefire again! ground him! take away his big red button!

why does nobody wanna go to laser tag and then see a movie right after anymore


What do Gasolina, Work, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, HOT TO GO!, and Everytime We Touch all have in common?


the daylight has been saved but at what cost

new york's hottest club is the spirit halloween next to the trader joes in williamsburg

today may be my mom's birthday, but i got three hours of sleep last night and feel really great so we're both celebrating things today

there's something so funny to me about really divey bars having simplehuman trash cans

someone call my mom there are kittens in my yard and i need her to tell me that i can keep all of them

shredders are far too common of an item in our parents' homes, and something needs to be done about that

i had a whole newsletter for all of you but there was a mouse in my house and i blacked out

The Nun II: Back In The Habit

the citibikeboyz are out for blood, and there's nothing we can do about it

the united states is not a real place

Another disgrace I have to tell you about

is it really a farm wedding if you weren't chased by a bat during it

let me tell you something ... maine smells so much better than new york city

Home Alone: Trapped in O'Hare International Airport!

why does the bbc think we don’t know who fran drescher is

it is so tough choosing which billionaire's app to support these days

anything stupid happen in the news this week?

what even is a new york moment?

happy father's day to paul mescal in Aftersun you deserved better

these sepia-colored glasses that i'm looking through are giving me a headache

posting on monday because i posted on tuesday last week and it felt too close to sunday so posting on monday makes sense

accidentally wore white after memorial day ... is that the saying?

petition to get my parents to go back in time and make me a Gap Kids™ model

it's the mother's day episode hurry everyone go grab a mother and tell them to subscribe to my newsletter

trigger warning: today's episode is about my cat dying but i think you'll enjoy the read

brooklyn has been rainy all weekend, but i am still very dehydrated

if i had a nickel for every time i've gotten hit by a bike or been hit while on a bike i'd have five nickels

it's a beautiful day to pull a fire alarm

jesus died just to wake up to the news that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have broken up

am i a bad Catholic if i no longer practice and don’t identify as a Catholic anymore

it's crazy how quickly the first gorgeous Sunday of the year makes you realize that it really was just seasonal depression

i don't know why you were all expecting a newsletter yesterday when it was literally my birthday i had other priorities

the academy did not vote in favor of st. patrick's day this year i can tell you that

lori lightfoot is no longer the mayor of chicago, but that doesn't help my brooklyn L train not running situation

is jamie lee really all of us if i have to get a car home because the L and M aren't running and she doesn't?

something fishy is going on today, and it's not just because it's the first day of Pisces season

it's the super bowl! who are we rooting for: Rihanna or people who aren't billionaires

what do you call a balloon that is spying on us even though the government is in all of our phones?

the oscar nominations came out this week, and YET AGAIN, i wasn't nominated for best actress in a bag store

hilaria baldwin walked so austin butler could run

this week has been very exhausting

can someone catch me up on what i missed in the new episode of cspan i'm so behind

ok kiddies and kiddos it's 2023 it's time to wonder if Greta Gerwig's Barbie film is gonna be the movie of the year