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Welcome to Circle Back by me, Kerry Cunningham.

I spent almost all of the pandemic not writing a single thing. Sometimes, I would write in a diary, which was super annoying because it would just stare at me on my desk and wait for me to create something genius that would make up for not writing at all. Rather than get my act together and tell myself that I didn’t just spend over $100k on a writing degree to do nothing with it, I bought a new diary and decided that was gonna change things. Didn’t work.

What I really needed was a new environment — a different city to complain in. I needed a place that felt somewhat new and was desperate to have yet another struggling artist living in it. Hmm, what city could that be? Oh, yes, right, New York.

A week before September 2021, I moved to New York with no job and no apartment, but I could feel a different atmosphere full of creativity and maybe a new diary (no, Kerry) to pretend to write in. I told myself, “This is gonna be so great. There are so many writing jobs here. I’m gonna get paid to write really quickly and then I’ll feel more motivated to be creative and create that award-winning TV show I keep dreaming about. I’ll find an entry-level writing job and do that and everything will work out.” Oh, sorry, what? You mean an entry-level writing job is not for entry-level people and that entry-level people should go work at a Warby Parker? Hmm, this is a turn of events! What to do, what to do…

Suddenly, I remembered a friend telling me about this website called Substack where you can independently publish your writing for free, and people can subscribe to it so you’re held accountable. WELL, THAT’S PERFECT. Truly, all I need is to be held accountable. This has been a horrible few years for obvious reasons for everybody and extra personal reasons for others, including myself. It’s time to write nonsense for people who want to read nonsense — and also for my friends and family who have to subscribe and read it all because they love me and it would be awkward at family parties if there was this known fact between everybody that no one had been reading my writing, and then I would probably go stare out of a car window, crying to the song ‘Come Clean’ by Hilary Duff; and then I would start sweating because I never turned the car on, and it is very hot in the car and now I’m uncomfortable, so I go back into the family party and drink some natural wine because I’m a vegan in my twenties and need to make everything difficult … I ... don’t know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I think I’m gonna try this Substack thing out, and if you can help keep me accountable, I would really appreciate that. I’ll probably be writing about my life (which seems lame, but I can promise you that I have had more movie moments in my life than I can even handle), whatever’s trending that week, political topics that I don’t understand, photos I’ve taken, and maybe some fun vegan recipes every once in a while. If that last one turned you off, I promise the recipes will only be once in a while — I will most likely be using Substack as my grocery list, too.

Oh, also! I chose the title Circle Back because I was watching Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s 73 Questions, and the guy asked her what her favorite British idiom is, and she said, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” Then he asked her what her favorite American idiom is, and she said, “I’m just gonna circle back.” Anyway, I thought that was so funny, and I also wanted a reason to talk about Phoebe Waller-Bridge. So, therefore in conclusion finally and last but not least, please enjoy my ~newsletter~ Circle Back.

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