call me Danny Zuko because I am summer lovin and havin a blast
an acceptance speech from colin farrell or brendan gleeson or that boy who has RIF (resting irish face) or the girl with my first name or paul mescal…
if the L train is not runnning two weekends in a row then there needs to be more citi ebikes available i have asthma and i will sue the city of new york…
jamie lee curtis? more like jamie lee gets to take a private jet from manhattan to brooklyn
just kidding it is because of that! time for our little fishies to find nemo
i'm just kidding everybody i'm watching the show i was just trying to think of a joke haha did everyone see that ben affleck dunkin commercial
totalitarianism! good thing the US doesn't do that, huh? #americafirst #americafirstandsecond
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