Sitemap - 2022 - Circle Back

december 25th! happy George Washington crossing the Delaware in 1776 to all who celebrate

argentina may have won the world cup, but i broke my wrist playing soccer one time and that really hurt

they should tell us which celebs are going to snl before we plan on going because now theo james won't stop calling me

what happens when you sleep outside of rockefeller center for 12 hours and don't drink any water but eat a lot of grapes

if you're still sitting at the kids table during thanksgiving STAY IN LINE

something about upstate new york is that you will walk into a crystal shop and the old woman who owns it will ask you to teach her how to use her ipad

i tried to a handstand in my room and fell on my dresser

nepo babies shouldn't have social media here's why

the sun is setting at 5:55pm today because somebody is trying to kill me

what came first: the ghoul or the goblin?

four years ago ariana grande released god is a woman but one year ago my parents got divorced

if you have a motive for murdering lantern flies whenever you see them, does that make you a serial killer?

when i turn 80 will i start relating to clint eastwood movies or will i start relating to shawshank redemption?

was anybody gonna tell me that halsey street is a friggin HILL before i took an analog citibike up it?

surprise i sent this one out early on PURPOSE


What To Watch: Don't Worry Darling, a documentary about Lea Michele proving she can read

happy one year anniversary to me moving to new york, and happy one day anniversary to my teeth hurting for eating too many sour skittles

are Pringles as good as it fucking gets? Britney Spears has the answer

shark attacks in new york? my kind of new normal!!! thanks, obama!

scientists say your inaugural karaoke song choice says more about you than your zodiac sign. here's why:

what do you call a sunday newsletter that's posted on mondays sometimes? CIRCLE BACK BABY

according to adults, gen z likes using subtitles so that they can be on their phones whilst watching tv because we have no attention span

stop yelling at me about getting this week's newsletter on a monday

if you've been trying to contact me this week but haven't gotten a response, it's because i have an air conditioner in my room now and am busy enjoying it

between movies and the supreme court, which one impacts us more?

did anything happen this week that i missed?

are you celebrating father's day today, or are you a jehovah's witness?

what do jurassic park, a dog named archie, and a pigeon's shadow have in common

this just in! i am very sunburnt

if your hobby is hunting find a new hobby

pete davidson is leaving snl, which means it's time for me to take over

proof that elizabeth olsen and i are the same person? neither of us have ever met john krasinski

happy mother's day to everyone but the supreme court

yes i know the newsletter is a day late but it was on purpose i never make mistakes

you come to me on the day that i am so sleepy and ask me for a newsletter?

i still have not gotten the rona, which means i'm either lying or a witch

what’s something that makes you feel everything, everywhere, all at once? i’ll give you a hint in the subtitle:

in order to make the oscars about me, i am also resigning from the academy

welcome to the circle back newsletter: oscars edition

i turned 25 this week, and you're watching disney channel

st. paddy's day is this week, so make sure u find some craic before lori lightfoot thinks you're doin drugs!

what do elizabeth holmes, anna delvey, and i all have in common?

there's a 500-pound bear on the loose, and i'm not talking about vladimir putin

instead of hiring jimmy kennel to be a late-night host, we should be hiring me

why does the super bowl get more views than my youtube channel?

whoopi, nooooo!

neil young is taking his music off spotify but telling everyone to use amazon instead because then maybe YOU can win a chance to go up to space with jeff bezos and listen to neil young the whole time

mitch mcconnell thinks the green m&m should keep her white boots

does sister act exist in the same cinematic universe as mamma mia?

Elizabeth Holmes and Elmo from that one show with the puppets walk into a bar

pour another one out for Betty White this holiday season